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Souvenir Curling Stones 
A curling stone is a great souvenir after a fun day out on the ice! Only $35 exclusively at the rink.
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Curling Pro Shop at Naseby

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All Prices include GST and are ex our Rink in Naseby - prices/colours/models can change without notice.

Our Pro Shop sells a range of curling equipment, clothing and souvenir items.

Take home one of our Maniototo Curling Jackets to remember your first curling experience! Or for the more experienced curler, purchase your own curling mitts, gloves or over shoes!


MCI Jackets: The only Maniototo Curling International jacket out there, comfortable and easy to wear: sizes available: womans - S/M/L/XL - mens - M/L/XL/XXL - $75 each

MCI Polo Shirts: Match the jacket with a polo shirt, sizes available: S/M/L/XL - $65 each

MCI Caps: Match the jacket and shirt for that summer wear this will show you have been curling - $30 each

MCI Beanie: To complete the whole package and for winter weather you need the beanie - $35 each

Mani O Shanter: But to show the true Scottish side of your curling you need to grab a Mani O Shanter (called this after it cousin the Tam O Shanter but made in the Maniototo - always different tartans available) - $30 each

Curling Pants: "Tournament" brand. Womans only in stock with sizes available S/M/L/XXL - $85 pair

Gloves: Goldline precision curling gloves, sizes available: M/L/XL (colours may vary) - $65 pair

Mittens: Goldline curling mittens, black only, sizes available: XS/S - $40 pair

Curling Accessories

Brooms: New  -  Goldline Fibrelite Air (colours may vary) - $165 each
Brooms: Used -  We have 3 in stock at present, all competition type, a great starting broom to get you into the game without spending a lot - $55 each

Broom Heads: Norway Oval, practice heads only (colours in stock: red/orange/blue) - $65 each

Broom Heads: Goldline Air, practice heads only (colours in stock: yellow/orange/red/pink/purple/blue) - $25 each

Souvenir's - all items only available from the rink

Miniature Curling Stones - is a great souvenir after an excellent day on the ice! Get the last set of stainless steel ones in existence now. - $70 (pair)

Shot Glass - like a nip then what a better way to enjoy one with your own "Curling" glass - $7 each

Wine Glass - enjoy a nice red or white then a "Curling Naseby" glass is for you - $11 each

MCI Fridge Magnet - have a magnet set, then pick up a curling magnet for your collection - $5 each

Rimu Curling Magnet - 3 styles to choose from, made in our beautiful Rimu Timber - $10 each

Tote Bags - No one else has these - Cream cotton or blue denim bags with curling embroidery - slider / housebroom / 4 stones - $25 each

MCI Badge - Have a badge/pin collection, then add this one to it - $5 each

Cards - need a special card, see our novelty cards with a polar bear or kiwi curling here in Naseby or a cycle card showing a photo of a special part of the Central Otago Rail Trail - $5 each

Curling Poster: "Curling South Island" - A Wee History! - $5 each


The Roaring Game: A history of curling in New Zealand 1873 to 2002 (paperback) - $20 each

Hurry Hard: The Ross Howard story (hardback) - $30 each (only 1 left)

Maniototo: Our place Our stories - check out the special place the Maniototo really is! (paperback) - $7 each

Otago Rail Trail Guide Book: A comprehensive guide to the trail (paperback) - $25 each




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